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Creating Powerful Devotions

Anyone with a heart to encourage others can create devotions.

The Devotion as a communication tool can be aimed as widely or as specifically as you wish.
1. Create devotions that apply well and encourage nearly anyone in the world.
2. Focus your devotions on women or men only, and speak to their unique perspectives.
3. Hone your message to address the needs of married couples, parents or singles.
4. Go deeper and craft devotions to meet a group of people with a shared experience, like those struggling with addiction, abuse or illness.
5. Speak directly to the hearts of children, teens or our growing population of older adults.

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Creating Powerful Devotions - Wee Taste of Gods Word


Writer, Put Your Talent To Work

Recently, I came across something interesting and to any upcoming Christian writer this will be extremely good news. Has anyone, over the years watched your eyes light up with excitement any time you talk about writing? Do you sometimes find yourself typing away ceaselessly instead of watching television or going shopping? You probably have several manuscripts on your flash disk and perhaps it has been a silent dream of yours to be published some day. When people read your blog, do they tell you that you’re a good story teller? At the back of your mind, I can bet that you do believe that you have some talent. Now, it’s time to test your writing skills by entering your work in a Christian writing contest. Who knows? You could win a Xulon publishing package. What’s more, it could even be the coveted Xulon Best Seller package awarded by the largest, most experienced Christian owned and operated print-on-demand self publisher of Christian books!

When you write, you feel alive and passion exudes from your work – surely it is more than just a hobby. If the financial potential for you were negligible at best and there didn’t exist a single Christian writing contest that would give the much needed exposure to a rising Christian writer like you, I believe that you would still write. But thank God, here is an enormous opportunity. Having helped over 10,000 Christian authors get their books published, this great company is willing to extend the same help to you in publishing your work. Their tagline: “We serve Him by serving you!” says that it is definitely much more than a publishing press. It is a ministry.

For a person with a zeal for writing, like you, it was only a matter of time before you found the right ministry for your writing. Here is a trustworthy saying, there is an appointed time for everything and there is a time for every event under heaven. Take this as your appointed time. Consider it your time to hone your skills and showcase your writing in a Christian writing contest. In addition to that, you’ll be building your treasure in heaven where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in as you share the message of grace and hope to the hurting world.

If there is profit in all labor, what benefit does the worker gain from what he undertakes? Day after day, people gain something by working – a paycheck, a sense of satisfaction at a job well done, a measure of self-esteem, or some adjustments in the way the world works. These are all good things, but they are all temporary. This Christian writing contest will open doors to the permanent things – the treasures of heaven as well as help you put your talent to work. If God has laid on your heart a burden to share His goodness by means of writing, then you already have an amazing way of putting words together. The Lord that gives you the words will also grant you placement in the great company of those that that publish it – should you win a Xulon publishing package. So take pleasure in the work God has given you and let Him accomplish His purposes through your work.

As a Christian writer you possess a special God-given talent and I urge you to seize this favorable opportunity that has presented itself to you because time and tide wait for no man. Time is short; therefore procrastination is not an option. Look at it this way: If you remain silent at this time, your assignment might be given to another and it will deny the people that God has sent you to a chance to read of His love from you. Furthermore, who knows but that you have this special talent for such a time as this? Since you already understand what the will of the Father is, exercise your gifts and talents in this wise, redeeming time. Then on that day, how sweet to your ears these words will sound, when the master says, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”

*This article was written by Dee Kyalo, Author of Crushing Invisible Barriers
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