Dear Self-righteousness

By Maretha Retief

You have had a good run with me, but I think the time has come to say goodbye. You did well; you praised me when I thought I needed upliftment. You made me fall down when I had to be on my knees. You kept me down when I had to get up. I struggled with you for most of my life, but I finally decided to make peace with you.

I no longer need your advice. I will be able to manage without you. I have decided that from today you will listen to me. No more self-pity parties that will make me sound greater than who I truly am. No more feeling good when someone else is hurting. That is just wrong; such behaviour will no longer be tolerated. I am sad to say, but today I am celebrating your death in my life. It will no longer be about you.

I have found Someone who is far more at peace with Himself. He does not need to step on other people to make Himself look better. He is sufficient and through His power in me, I become self-sufficient in Him. He is able to provide for me in all my needs. He loves me unconditionally and nothing that He does for me is out of selfishness for His own good, but out of selfless love to give me the best. A measure of best I do not even deserve.

I would love to introduce you to Him. You will be guaranteed a life of favour and joy. The greatest part of it is that it will no longer be about you or me, it is all about Him. He is doing wonderful works through me and He makes me look good without me being much. All the glory goes to Him.

He equips me with strength and abilities to do the things that He plans for me that will raise me to a higher level in His kingdom. He protects me from all evil and never sleeps, He watches over me all the time so that I can get some peaceful sleep.

He is awesome, He is worthy, but there will no longer be place for your pride in my life. We are surrendering from this moment onwards. You can decide whether you are going to surrender with me, but if not, you will have to go. I no longer have place for you in my life. Now, you might not like my new approach to life, but I know I will be able to do it not because I am so good, but because of Him who strengthens me.

I would like to thank you for making me aware that there are limits to my abilities when I rely on you. It gives me a temporary feeling of self-sufficiency that I have made my life so great, but it is all false. At the end of the day, I will end up alone with you. The extent of my greatness will depend on you. It is over.

The greatness that is now deposited into me is of a kind not from this world. I have been called for a heavenly purpose and I am equipped. I would like to introduce you to my Source of Life. There is no end to His love for me. He is available to everyone. You do not need a certain degree or position in life to receive Him. He already paid the price for you to receive Him at no cost. His name is Jesus and He is the lover of my soul.

Best wishes
Just Me

Maretha Retief

Article Source: Faithwriters


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