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A Quick Word on Fasting and Prayer

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Here is an encouragement to someone waiting upon the Lord in fasting and prayer. I believe that God has been revealing some things that are personal to you so that you can push beyond the limitations that surround you. You might have been around a particular mountain for long and it’s time you moved ahead.

When you are at a crossroads; when facing some major decisions and need breakthrough… what do you do? Sometimes in our lives we reach a point where what we desire seems beyond our reach. When that happens, we must check our faith level.

It is only through faith that we will receive our breakthroughs and move to the next stage of our lives. Faith delivers to us all we need. According to our faith, it is done unto us. ( Matthew 9:29 NKJV) This faith is now – not tomorrow. It is our title deed for the things we hope for. (Hebrews 11:1). We ‘see’ our victory in the spirit before we actually ‘touch’ it the physical. When the eye of the spirit has seen it, we possess it. Faith enables us to see things as they should be.

If you are in a period of fasting and prayer, please be encouraged as you trust, hope and wait upon the Lord because He will renew your strength ( Isaiah 40:31). God will show you things that you have not known before (Jeremiah 33:3) and you will discern God’s voice and follow His plan for your life. (Jeremiah 29:11)

It is only those who are sick that go to see the doctor. When they do, they are examined, then given a diagnosis (the nature/cause of their ailment is identified), prognosis (predictions that are likely to come from their condition and) and some prescription (instructions for treatment). I want you to imagine a bacterial infection. Before bacteria can multiply and cause symptoms, the body’s immune system can usually destroy them. There are occasions, however, when the attack is too great and some help is needed and that’s when we make our way to the doctor. To get rid of this infection, the doctor prescribes some antibiotics. These are powerful medicines that fight bacterial infections and can save lives when used properly. Antibiotics either stop bacteria from reproducing or kill them. After which, your body’s natural defenses are usually able to take it from there.

Jesus acknowledged that it is the sick that need a physician. ( Luke 5:31) We all need a physician in different areas of our lives. It could be in the area of relationships, perhaps the marriage is falling apart, or finances where you’re in over your head with debts, or spiritually where you need help in your faith, praying or reading of the Word. Whatever the case may be – we all need a doctor and so we go to the Lord, our Healer with fasting and prayer.

Following His examination of us via His Word, our Physician identifies what ails us and how the condition will develop; and its effects on our lives. He does not stop there but goes ahead and writes a prescription to be taken for a specific number of days. As with antibiotics (that can save lives when used properly), the principle is the same; following instructions is vital. We are more than likely to dethrone the powers of darkness that curtail our movement when we adhere to the Great Physician’s directions. The instructions/directions will be what will put something in you to fight the problem you currently face. Jesus said that some problems will only go away by prayer and fasting ( Mark 9:29 NKJV). Those long-standing, deep-seated issues will only be dethroned by the joint weapon of fasting and prayer. Without neglecting reading of the Word, as you combine your prayer with fasting, you will receive power in you (made possible by the Holy Spirit) to reach higher heights in Christ.

Receive new strength to step up to the next level in your walk of faith!

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I believe that many of us have plans for this New Year. I’m sitting here looking at mine almost wondering who wrote them. Suddenly it feels like 12 months are not enough to accomplish what is in this paper staring at me; daring me to embark on it.

Anyway, I’m drawn to the story in Luke 10:38-42 where Jesus visits the home of Martha and Mary. In verse 40, we notice that Martha was distracted by much serving. In this fast paced world, most of us are like Martha. We feel like 24 hours in a day are no longer enough – there’s just so much to do! I’m sure that was Martha’s position and when she expressed her frustration to Jesus, He told her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things,” (Luke 10:41NIV)

Sometimes we may feel like we are doing all the work by ourselves and no one cares enough to offer a helping hand. Martha was exasperated that her sister wasn’t helping and tried to get Jesus to intervene. She said, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!” (Luke 10:40NIV).

We do that too, probably in different ways. We ask God to send help in situations that overwhelm us but God is like, “My child, a little effort in prioritizing would help you. Choose what is important.” This is how Jesus said it to Martha in Luke 10:42 “but few things are needed–or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” Quick question, what is at the top of you plans for 2014?

Over and over we fail to choose what is important and then get frustrated in the process. I have learned that it is easier or more convenient to serve than to commune that is why many of us choose to serve. Both are necessary in our Christian walk but we must know the order in which they should come. Look at Joshua serving and Moses communing. Joshua never grew weary of fighting with the Amalekites (because he was being uphelp by someone’s communing with God); but Moses, on the top of the mountain in prayer, needed two helpers to sustain his hands. (Exodus 17:8-13). When you choose to commune with God as your first and most important priority, you will not tire of your service to Him.  We tire because we have misplaced priorities not because there’s so much to do with very little time and no help. God gave each one of us 24 hours in a day… the CEO, the stay-at-home-mum, the pastor, the firefighter –  all of us, and He expects us to be fruitful in whatever area He has called us to serve. But service shouldn’t take the place of communing with Him.

You may have realized that when you drop your hands to your sides, the tide of battle shifts right before your eyes. The enemy begins to gain a toehold. Why? because your enemy knows what is important and what brings you the victory. However, I have good news for you: As long as you are in communion with God, He will send you help! When you stretch your arms towards heaven again and bring the matter to the Lord. Immediately the battle’s momentum shifts back to you and once again the enemy is driven back.

We must keep our arms stretched towards heaven in communion with God if we want to open the door for God’s supernatural intervention on the battlefield. God’s prevailing power is released through prayer.

With God, we will prevail!

*This article was written by Dee Kyalo, Author of Crushing Invisible Barriers
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Who wants to be a millionaire?

MillionaireLogoI just started a game of Jigty puzzles on my phone and a thought came through my mind: “What if I could solve my life’s puzzles in 20 minutes or less?” Honestly, I really wish I could. You see I have issues that I would like settled yesterday but in the same breath I’d like to say that thus far God has been very faithful to me. It is human nature (I think), to feel somewhat impatient with some levels in one’s life. When you experience monotony, it’s natural to feel like you want to move to the next (or a different) level – quickly!

Single people may want to marry in a hurry.
Married people may want to call it off in a huff.
Teenagers may want to be as free as the rent they don’t pay.
Children may want to grow up as fast as the speed of light!

I think all that is “normal” – to some extent. The real issue here is how you compare what you want against the chart of what you should have.

From time to time I get Facebook inbox messages and emails from people asking me to stand with them in prayer for certain issues of life. The complexity of some concerns can be overwhelming but when you realize that humans can only do so much, you rest your hope somewhere else. I have become conscious of the fact that life is not a Jigty puzzle so daily I learn to put my hope and trust in God. As I take this faith journey, I do so with the determination of extending hope and encouragement to those I come across.

“What if I could solve my life’s puzzles in 20 minutes or less?”

“What if I could solve my life’s puzzles in 20 minutes or less?”

In the course of providing counsel, I received a message from a young man who lost his whole family in a car wreck. “I have no wife, no kids and no home. I am thinking of committing suicide.” He writes. This is intricate! What do you tell a man who has lost his will to live? Where do you start? I wish I could tell him, “Pick up this piece and put it to the left, then move this one to the right and voila!” For sure, life is not a rehearsal, especially where human life is concerned – and hanging by the thread. You cannot just come back and say, “Oops, I guess you shouldn’t have moved that piece.” It might be too late for that. Therefore, I am learning that when God sends someone your way, His main purpose is to preserve life. However, it may not be as literal as saving a person from physical death. People face a whole range of situations and you have a solution to at least one.

This brings me to something Jesus said. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” – John 10:10. If we are followers of Christ, we too must give life and strive to give it to the full to those we come across.

Many are lost, find one
Many are wasting, preserve one
Many are hungry, feed one
Many are in bondage, free one
Many are hopeless, encourage one
Many are frustrated, help one
Many are in darkness, enlighten one
Many are hurting, comfort one
Many are dying, save one

Okay, this was not about money but souls. You’re not a millionaire by having a million dollars. You’re a millionaire by influencing a million people for the glory of God. So, do you want to be a millionaire?

[Inspired by John 10:10, Matthew 5:13-16]

*This article was written by Dee Kyalo, Author of Crushing Invisible Barriers
This book has some pretty cool reviews!
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The Appointed Time Has Come



It’s your time to be blessed. You have been holding on to the promises of God without wavering. You have seen the wicked seemingly prosper but your faith has remained unshaken. You have been ridiculed but your focus has remained intact. You know and you know what the Lord God your God spoke to you. I perceive in my spirit, the set time is now.

You have prayed: Let the barren conceive! Let he who desires a mate find! Let tumultuous marriages be restored! Let the rebellious wife be submissive and the unloving husband receive his senses! Let the ungodly parent change his ways! Let the rebellious child return home! Let the prayerless Christian drop to their knees, lift their hands up and cry unto the Lord! Let holiness, purity, health, wellness and prosperity return to the body of Christ. In the name of Jesus, for the glory of God!

Your God shall arise, and have mercy upon you: for the time to favor you… yeah, the appointed time has come. (Psalm 102:13)