Virtue That Counts

Virtue That Counts by Daniel Ogweno is a challenge to the reader to adopt virtues that appeal to the heart of God. It is also an encouragement to the believer to be so spirited in the pursuit of God’s heart.

With adherence to Romans 12:2, Ogweno states that the Church should have an uncompromised pattern. There is something about the Church that must not be bent, to cause imposters or infiltrators to find it too hot to hide in hence align their lives to the principles of the Gospel of Christ or take leave of their own accord.

While some marketing principles can be employed to further the Gospel, we must bear in mind that the steep cost and uncompromised high quality of salvation is fixed. Ogweno writes, “Contrary to the principles of marketing, especially bargaining over the price by prospective customers, dealings with God have not allowed any bargaining. It is a “take-or-leave” relationship.”

“Virtue That Counts” speaks about integrity, dignity, and honor – all while addressing such the “works” like “giving”, among many others, for the glory of God. “A Watchman at the Veranda” is one of my favorite practical illustrations of giving in this book. Ogweno says, “Are you looking for Jesus? You may find him in that stranger who has no place to lay his head and who doesn’t have anything to show for the popular expectations; no personality profile for celebrity; no heritage, no nobility of birth, … You may even miss him after he fails to fit your expectations and description of a king.” So how can the reader be sure to not miss Him? The author suggests a constant spiritual check up in order to be aware of, seek attention for, and eradicate the cause of the problem. Citing James 2:14-16, Ogweno challenges the reader to a lifestyle of practical Christianity.

This book is a return to the basics, a reminder, if you will, to the believer. It is also a call to the unsaved, directing them to the things that touch God’s heart. In a very simple and easy to understand manner, it lays down a foundation while giving stories relevant to this generation.

I like that the author supports his views with scriptures and you can tell that he is not writing from a distance.

At the end of every chapter, Ogweno gives the reader reflections and questions to ponder. This is an opportunity to do a spiritual self-check.

Review also posted here.


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