Raised In His Ways

Raised in His Ways, by Mary Annthipie Bane, is packed with very necessary information and offers very practical steps to training children.

The author, states that this book “is not about religion or a specific denomination, but about a relationship that will guide us in raising our children.” I found that “Raised in His Ways” is about values… teaching children to `do unto others as you would want them to do to you’. It is about building the right foundation. Bane explains that if parents and educators do not establish a strong (spiritual and moral) base in the early formative years then challenging and undesirable behaviors are likely to result in these children when they become adolescents.

One of my favorite statements from this book, which is both frightening and comforting, is as follows: “Every moment spent with a child is an opportunity to guide their spiritual development, the importance of which cannot be underestimated.” This should make everyone involved with any child at any level ask themselves, “How am I impacting the life of this child?”

“Raised in His Ways” is a compassionate call to parents, especially those who consider themselves Christian, to provide biblical teachings for their children because lack of it places their children at risk of developing behaviors parallel to their unbelieving peers. Most parents want their children to be conformed to the ways of God (spiritually and morally upright – to love what is pure, hate evil and to do good) not transformed by the world (unable to distinguish between what’s pure and what’s evil); and it is the parents’ responsibility to train their children in that way.

Armed with relevant statistics from reliable sources, Bane is concerned that “the mindset of a generation can be molded by values of the social media more than it reflects the values of their Christian parents and the church, if we are not cautious.” Needless to say “if the children of the church are not participating in the Christian Education programs either in their local church or through home education they are vulnerable for growing into their teen years and young adulthood with a value system which is similar to that of the secular society.” Therefore parents cannot leave their children’s development to chance. Parents must offer the necessary guidance as described in this book before it becomes too late.

Bane, who is a mother as well, says that establishing Christian roots in her children a priority and a “divine appointment to nurture their spiritual lives…” What makes her even a powerful authority is that she been an early childhood education professional for many years.

Review also posted here.


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