No More Whacky Worship

No More Whacky Worship is the first book in Omaudi Reid’s God’s Revival Series. It is a call to gather, a call for every local Church to catch revival fire. It is deep, necessary and very timely. The author is well versed on the subject and does not beat around the bush. He delivers his God-given message powerfully and has Bible verses in support.

Omaudi has great insight to invisible forces or seemingly harmless factors that grossly affect our worship and this explains why people go from conference to conference, church to church, prayerline to prayerline in vain. He addresses in detail, three important issues: 1. The habit of secluded worship and rampant Christian individualism (claiming Christianity while rejecting church attendance) 2. Hypocritical worship – honoring God with church activities while participating in things that dishonor God. 3. Freedom of worship in Spirit and truth both corporately and individually.

Omaudi states reasons many avoid Church and admonishes individuals to quit dipping, deserting, dividing and diverting, which are all detrimental to the growth of the Church. He provides benefits of being part and faithfully attending a local Church. He writes, “Let us in these days come off the fences of self-serving separation, and gather together for God’s Revival!” And I find myself saying, “Amen!” This is a hard book to put down. As I read it, I became engrossed.

Omaudi takes you on a journey giving you recaps at the end of the chapters, exposing churches you need to run from such as those with high rate of divorce and shows you which ones to look for such as those that are Christ-centered, Biblical, Spirit-filled and family friendly. He exposes secret things in high places such as divination and states its forms while showing you how to receive freedom from the same using relevant scriptures on authority over divination. He calls for sanctification and guides you toward repentance and rebuilding the prayer altar while holding to the foundation of Truth. Omaudi states reasons and ways to praise God. He also addresses pluralism – a thing which should be rejected by the Church of the Living God. Surely, there are no more than one way to God despite what supporters of New Age ideas may teach in “life classes” and other platforms.

This is one of the most powerful books I have read this year. I love it and definitely recommend it to ministry leaders and to both current and future Christians.

Review also posted here.


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