Love Song of a Flower Child

Love Song of a Flower Child: A Story of Redemption…, by Mary Stewart Anthony is one of the boldest books I have read this year.
I was interested in reading this book particularly because real life stories are an amazement and especially this very one. Mary skillfully paints vivid pictures of a culture that I have been oblivious of. Having read the accounts in this book, I can now better understand the consequences of this culture upon a generation and those that follow.

This book is a story of rejection, detachment, loses and struggles among many other things before finally coming to a place of hope, assurance and peace. The detailed background helps the reader know that those who got it together now didn’t always have it together. This is a depiction of the grace of God.

This is in fact an acknowledgment of God’s faithfulness even in a sinner’s life. This is an incredible story of searching for something or fulfillment in all the wrong places, hitting a brick wall over and over and finally surrendering to the ever loving Savior.

Mary explains the effects of iniquity and mankind’s powerlessness. She brings out the nagging emptiness of religion and shares the peace that a relationship with God through Jesus can fetch.

In this book, she reveals that the dark spiritual world is real and a personal encounter with Jesus Christ is the beginning of shattering that evil and being baptized in the Holy Spirit is a step further into a believer’s walk to total freedom in salvation.

This is an awesome book!

Review also posted here.


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