God In The ICU

God in the ICU, by Dave Walker is one amazing book. It is a wonderful story, a personal testimony written from the heart of a man who has met with God and is on a mission to share the love of a Savior. The author, Dave Walker writes with compassion and conviction revealing the heartbeat of God – evangelism.

This book makes the reader pose and reflect on God’s faithfulness. There is no denying the power and value of prayer. Walker writes about the miracles experienced and God’s will revealed as a result of prayer. Important to note is that Walker did not start out so bold. It has been a journey of many years and he writes, “…all God is looking for is obedience, a heart for Him and a heart for the people. He then can enter into our situations to show His love and to reveal His character. We cannot predict when or how He will act. We can only retain our passion for Him and be faithful to the whisper of His Spirit.”

Walker touches on the subject of conflict in the work place (something many Christians face daily) and shows his readers how it can be overcome. Many times we think that the other person should change while in fact God is waiting on us to change. In dealing with a difficult colleague, through prayer, Walker lets his readers know that his own spirit was quickened to hear, understand and obey the God via His Holy Spirit – going against reason.

This book has some tragic stories that made the author doubt and question God. However, God was, in His own way, raising an intercessor in the ICU. Walker was quite unsure when he began but as he continued obeying the promptings of the Spirit, he did so with power and authority. From the accounts in this book, there’s no doubt that wherever Walker went, he left the distinguishing mark of Jesus Christ.

Although Walker has seen and experienced pain and loss, he writes, “Nothing can shield us from the unpredictable experiences of a fallen world. How we respond, however, especially to God, will determine how it affects us: whether something in us dies, or whether it springs to a new, fuller more abundant life… If we are honest with God about our pain, He will reveal His love and heal us.”

This book is very uplifting! You will not regret reading it.

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