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Besides the Bible, most of the other material I read has a lot to do with the Christian faith. I like to see the revelations of other believers. For me, it is an exciting journey. I don’t know where I got this thought, but it’s like a glimpse of heaven; people from different walks of life with stories each unique from the previous.

Revelation Books offers various categories all written by FaithWriters members. There are Biblical studies, Devotionals, Fiction, Non-fiction, and children’s books, too. Here are the current books. It is hard for anyone to miss a topic that interests them.
Did you know that one can read free books? Yes! These are newer Christian releases that normally sell for up to $10 for free! You only need to sign up to be notified as new books enter the program. Then you can request for them and read them for free in exchange for a review. This Free Reads for Reviews is a wonderful program offered by Revelation Books that will leave you saying, “Will review for free read.”

I have had a great experience with this program both as an author and reader. As a Christian author, the Free Reads for Reviews program has provided a way for me to get exposure. Some of the most outstanding reviews of my book, Crushing Invisible Barriers have come from this program. This gave me a big boost during my book signing event and as a result, I have had very positive feedback via a social media as well.

As a reader, I have personally enjoyed this privilege tremendously and continue to do so. Although, due to the busyness of life, initially it was a challenge to develop the discipline to read but after making a few adjustments I’m now hooked to having a new book in my hand every so often. I learned that every book reveals its author. Through Free Reads for Reviews I have met different authors with diverse personalities and have learned to appreciate their uniqueness in expressions, sense of humor and writing styles. Apart from giving me the satisfaction that I’m helping another author, Free Reads for Reviews has made it possible for me to travel to lands I had not known before. I think that as long as one is willing to commit to the program, enrichment, entertainment and adventure will always be at their fingertips. Try it today! Don’t miss their latest updates.
*Dee Kyalo is the author of Crushing Invisible Barriers . Check out the book’s cool reviews and ‘like’ us on Facebook!
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