Publishing Change – God’s Will

Different people have different reasons for writing. I read somewhere that celebrities usually write books to “set the record straight” or clear the controversies surrounding their rise to fame. Whether that’s true or false, it’s not particularly relevant right now. On the contrary, Christian authors write because they have a mandate, they are on a mission to change people’s lives for the glory of God. They have a special gift, to put revelations of scripture into writing; to bring the Bible alive in their particular generation.

You know you have this gift and special insights on subject the God has placed in your heart – what’s hindering you from publishing your book? Perhaps your manuscript has been rejected before and you feel discouraged or maybe the price of publishing a book seems beyond your reach and your manuscript is gathering dust somewhere.
As a Christian author, I can tell you that finding the best Christian book publisher to publish your book is not so easy. It can be a tiring experience but FaithWriters – the number 1 site for Christian Writers on the web, has made the experience less torturous. Through them, your special gift can be recognized and appreciated. It is through them that I learned of the FaithWriters and Xulon Press Awarding Publishing Packages. There are three purpose driven contests, one of which is a Raffle to win a Xulon Bestseller Package – and all FaithWriters’ members are eligible. The top prize is Xulon’s Best Seller Package with a retail value of over $4,000.00!

Here’s your chance to dust off that manuscript and enter to win a publishing package contest. Your opportunities for getting published have just been increased. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, join FaithWriters for free – all members are eligible to enter the contest.

It has been said that “If you want to change people, you must create enough leverage to encourage the change to happen.” A book gives you that kind of leverage. You too can publish yours and help people change the way they think so that they can learn to know God’s will, which is good and pleasing and perfect (Romans 12:2 NLT).

*Dee Kyalo is the author of Crushing Invisible Barriers . Check out the book’s cool reviews and ‘like’ us on Facebook!
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