Book Reviews for Crushing Invisible Barriers


A MUST-READ Marriage Manual for the serious seeker, March 3, 2014 By Mary P. Anthony, Author of Love Song of a Flower Child

“Crushing Invisible Barriers” by Dee Kyalo is compassionately dedicated to single men and women, who are seriously looking for a godly mate. She is like the “voice of wisdom crying out in the streets”. Kyalo has written an amazing biblical marriage manual that covers every possible hindrance to realizing a fulfilling union in God. His good plan from the beginning is simply, “It is not good for man to be alone”. This is a book that should be used in marriage seminars and retreats, addressing and curing the spiritual ills of our generation.

This is a must-read book written by a spiritually mature woman who has searched the scriptures and found the cure for the sickness of our times. Kyalo has given both practical and spiritual advice. It is not written from a high and lofty tower, but from the ground up! The family is the foundation of a strong society. How can we watch it being destroyed? My prayer is that Dee will have many opportunities to minister this medicine. There is a balm in Gilead.

Full of Jewels of Wisdom, March 1, 2014
By C. Thomas, Author of Kindergarten Lessons I Learned in Africa

Before I began this book, I believed it was a guide to a happy marriage relationship from the perspective of already being married. Delightfully, I discovered it is instead a guidebook written in easy-to-understand steps, outlining what hidden roadblocks might be preventing singles from entering into a marital relationship. We think we know what areas we need to improve on, but few of us are aware of those hidden areas that may be preventing the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of entering into a God-ordained marriage.

The author uses examples from her own life, testimonies, and stories to illustrate what might be right or amiss in the reader’s life hindering progress toward matrimony. The author not only presents the problems but also presents clear steps and focused prayers toward attacking and prevailing over hidden strongholds.

This is a book I will recommend freely. It is a delight to read, spiced with the author’s unique sense of humor, and full of sparkling jewels of wisdom.

Get this book, you need it!, 1 Mar 2014
By Evelyn King

I love this book, the author gets right to the point to address why so many people find marriage elusive. I like the way she uses relevant scriptures to back her thesis. She also has a great sense of humour which makes this book an easy pleasant read. It is quite an eye opener and will sure help many change their perspective in order for them to attain and enjoy a glorious marriage, that they so desire. So if for whatever reason marriage seems unattainable, then this could be the book you have been waiting for.

INSIGHTFUL and LIFE-CHANGING!, February 15, 2014
By NJ Roberts

I rarely write reviews but this book worth it. It is very well written and exactly what I was looking for. The author has some great insight. She begins with the basics and moves on to the more complex issues. I was surprised to learn that some things we consider normal are actually barriers that should be removed. This book leaves you looking at your life from a spiritual point of view…it charges you…pumps you up and gives you hope and encouragement.

I enjoyed the humor and the testimonies.

CAUTION: This book is not for anyone who is not serious with the word of God or prayer.

Truly an eye opener!!!, February 14, 2014
By T Musa.

This is one amazing book! I have personally recommended it to a few and gotten great feedback!

Very outstanding book!, February 12, 2014
By Matt Jeremiah

Irrespective of what people think, demonic hindrances and delays in life are real. This book is about exposing the enemy’s lies and works of darkness by the light of God! Lack of knowledge keeps people in bondage and this book is about liberation and experiencing the reality of God’s promises. I can tell that the author is not writing from a distance. In addition to her personal experiences, she has solid scriptural backing to counteract any satanic delays. Some things may falsely appear common but she brings them to light. No wonder the book has been called an eye-opener! But I think it is a door-opener to great things as well.


Eye opening, February 10, 2014
By Doreen K Ondieki

I liked this book because the author keeps it real and you can tell she has a heart for single people. She has explored some deep hidden issues that singles need to be aware of. This book is interesting, easy to read and very detailed. I would recommend it to both single and married people because it has very good insights into marriage. The stories in the book were very encouraging. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.

A must read, February 6, 2014
By V. Mson

… well written in a very informative way with lots of Bible references. It’s an eye-opening for those pursuing marriage. I highly recommend it to those who are ready for pursuing relationships geared towards marriage.

Applicable to everyday Christian living for all Christians, March 25, 2014
By Pearl Nsiah-Kumi, Author of Get on Board and Stay on Board

Dee Kyalo in her book, ‘Crushing Invisible Barriers: Onset of a Glorious Marital Destiny’ seeks to counsel Christian singles (both male and female) who desire to get married, but for whatever reason are still single. She suggests the probable hindrances, and how to overcome them. She bases her arguments and illustrations on Scripture, with emphasis on prayer and trusting God.

I’d recommend this book to the married as well, because Dee’s arguments are applicable to everyday Christian living for all Christians. The married can also use this book as a resource when counseling singles.

She also invites unbelievers to faith in Christ to make them eligible to claim God’s promises.

For the married and/or those dwelling in singledom., April 8, 2014
By Brenda K. Blakely, co author of The 11:45 Call

Dee brings a fresh Biblical perspective to singledom and the commitment to marriage. I appreciate her constant focus on determining our value from God’s perspective and not our marital status.

My favorite quote is-
How to stop people from bugging you about getting
Old aunts used to come up to me at weddings, poking me in the ribs and cackling, telling me, “You’re next.” – They stopped after I started doing the same thing to them at funerals.6

……and this is just one of the poignant statements from the author.

Dee has a way of putting statements forward that will encourage lasting change in the way one thinks about the issues of singledom and marriage. Some examples include:
“Singleness is not a condition to be cured, but an opportunity to be explored and lived out to its fullest.”

Dee interprets and supports all that she says with scripture and gives examples and support beyond what is expected.

Soul Searching Required Reading for Christian Singles, April 24, 2014
By Mark A Huebner, Author of Ultimate Power

This is an excellent, thought provoking book for any single individual looking for a life-long partnership and looking to please God. If you are single and read this book, get ready to do some soul searching …

I often hear “dating” young people characterize their differences with statements like “we just need to get on the same page”. While I understand the metaphor, God’s best is for a person to develop into the individual He wants them to be, and then when the “right” marriage partner comes along, the pages overlap in a miraculous way. In this book, the author does an outstanding job of pointing those natural feelings and desires we as humans have for a relationship to the direction God gives on how to handle those feelings and desires.

I especially want to thank the author for using an abundance of scripture. So many books on relationships throw out a verse and then the author rambles about their point of view. While this book is filled with examples and stories, it is refreshingly grounded in and often points to Biblical principles that are pointedly applied to today’s relationships.

What is marriage: A covenant or a contract based on emotions?, September 20, 2014
By LaVerne Iverson, Author of Rae’s Revenge & Redemption

Kyalo answers many questions/concerns. She explains what to look for in a potential suitable spouse. What is the difference between dating and courting, and the role of a man and woman in such situations? How to identify if a man/woman is ready for marriage, and how to handle rejection. Remaining satisfied with your life when you feel there’s a delay of a spouse. Having confidence that delay is not always denial and reasons for possible delays and or denial of a spouse.

This book illustrates the plan of God for marriage in the physical and spiritual. It covers many topics that are not always discussed in a Church setting and perhaps are silent in some homes. The impact of wrong beliefs, stigma, strongholds and negative soul ties – past and present can have unseen control over a person’s life and marriage.

Kyalo covers biblical principles in her book. She gives encouragement for restoration and for the commitment to move forward with confidence in Christ, single or married.

This book is a must read for men and women, single or married.

I highly recommend this book, October 16, 2014
By Emilou Illagan
I highly recommend this book, Crushing Invisible Barriers: Onset of a Glorious Marital Destiny to all single Christians, men and women alike. I have been praying and waiting for many years to meet my husband in marriage but it seemed futile no matter how I prayed every single night for him to appear before my eyes. After reading this book, I was taught to recognize and crush the invisible barriers. I know, believe, and declare that I will have a glorious marital destiny in God.

Thanks, Dee for your testimony and your anointed teaching about removing the barriers that hinder marriage. May all Christian singles be reached by this powerful marriage. Blessings!

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