Dealing With Neighbors Not-From-Heaven

One of the greatest of all God’s Commandments is this. Besides loving God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength. The second greatest of all God’s Commandments is abundantly clear. It is to Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. There are no commandments greater than these. In the teachings of Jesus, the relationship that we do have with our fellow men, women, and children is something that is inseparable from the relationship that we have established with God.

The love that we have for God, and the love, which we have for our neighbors are considered to be two aspects of the very same calling. The following quote from the Bible of (NIV, John 13:34-35) clearly states that boldly and plainly to all. It reads. “A new command I give to you. Do love another, as I have loved you, and so you must love one another fully. It is by this love, men will know that you are my disciples, and it will come only from loving each other.” No Bible verse can express this truth in more clear terms than this one can.

Usually, when one thinks of their neighbors, they tend to think about the people who live near to them. However, in God’s definition of what a neighbor is, it means something entirely. God’s definition of neighbor is not about exactly who lives close to you in distance. It is more about all of mankind. What this all of mankind translates to is every man, and in that every man group is also included, our enemies as well. Therefore, dealing with neighbors not from heaven, means having to accept and deal with everyone who makes up the mankind group of God’s in definition. It means loving not just your enemies, but all those others too, who may not be the friendliest, kindest, or those easiest to like. God’s definition defines “Neighbor” as meaning anyone and everyone who is human like yourself. It doesn’t matter if he or she is likable or not. Mankind includes everyone and this everyone may be those who are totally despised or unaccepted by others on the average.

How does one go about dealing with neighbors not-from-heaven? A part of the answer has already been given here. God says to do your hardest, and try your hardest to love all, and this kind of loving is something that may not be easy but still is possible. Because, it is a love that isn’t just learned, but also tolerated because God wants it that way. We sometimes have to develop a sort of tough love without the benefit of the toughness quality. What does this mean? This means willing to put yourself out there for those neighbors who are not so angelic. It means being determined to care despite all. The giving of love for unheavenly (is that a word?) neighbors is never an easy thing to do. But, it is possible, if you make it possible by remembering God’s Words and making a note to live by His Words as much as you can. Loving tough people is complicated, but it is doable, and the way to make it doable is by remembering God’s commandment to love your neighbor as you would love yourself. This means giving him or her the love they need and looking past the difficulty that they may represent. Some people just don’t love easy. Nor do they permit themselves to be loved easy. However, despite it all, the loving can still take place. It just requires some determination and patience to bring it about into existence. God gives all of us love. It doesn’t matter who we are, what we have done, and what we are about. God’s love doesn’t discriminate. Because, to be honest, it is a deep and continuous kind of love which goes on.

Dealing with neighbors not-from-heaven is less complicated to do, if you do it, as well as apply it with the benefit of knowing what God’s love is all about in essence. God’s love is uplifting, true happiness, and it is an accepting kind of love even for those who may be unacceptable by definition. God’s love includes everyone and this everyone is even those who don’t always appear to be accepted on any terms. God’s love thy neighbor commandment and rule means we love them despite it all.
Article contributed by “justwrite”


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