So Unloved

I’ve been thinking of Michal, the woman who tricked her father and his emissaries. She is the daughter michal2of a king who marries a king. I don’t know why Graça Machel comes to mind. Maybe it’s because she’s been first lady of two different nations; she is the widow of former South African president Nelson Mandela and of Mozambican president Samora Machel. (Notice the similarity in Michal and Machel?)

Anyway, back to Michal. She made no effort to conceal her love for the much-lauded champion of Israel. What young woman would not be attracted by such a strong athletic young man; one who confronts and slays a giant? The Bible says that “He was glowing with health and had a fine appearance and handsome features.” (1 Samuel 16:12) Hello, somebody? Nonetheless, we observe that she didn’t love the Lord otherwise she would not have had the hair-covered idol to place in David’s bed, when Saul sought to kill David (1 Samuel 19:13,16). Also, I wonder how deep and true Michal’s love for David was because – to save herself – she pretended that David had threatened to kill her if she did not help him escape (1 Samuel 19:17). True, David’s life was spared but what a different story might have been written of her if she had been a woman after God’s heart!

Was she stony-hearted?

‘Heartless’ is perhaps too strong a word for a woman who in her time, they were treated as property, being tossed from one husband to another (1 Samuel 25:44). Yet we do not read of any weeping from Michalmichal as she is taken away from the home of the man who had shown her so much affection during the many years that David was in hiding; but Palti wept for her (2 Samuel 3:16). Thus she was restored to the man who viewed her more as a conquest than a wife. For this is what he said, “Give me back my wife Michal, for I bought her with the lives of 100 Philistines.” (2 Samuel 3:14).

Poor Michal! We know that she had an outburst when David came back home after returning the Ark to Zion. This was the Ark of the Lord but like I said earlier, the woman had no love for God – this victory didn’t please her. She was more concerned about how undignified her husband appeared to them young servant girls as he praised God (2 Samuel 6:16, 20). Do you think she knew that her husband had a weakness for the opposite sex and this made her insecure? I cannot but express sympathy for her.

What’s left

It seems like she never quite got anything of her own…she didn’t enjoy the love of a spouse or family. Her husband who she had loved so dearly wasn’t actually hers initially. She wasn’t his first choice. Her sister Merab was, but stuff happened (1 Samuel 18:19) and 100 foreskins later as her bride price, she was David’s wife. Michal never had children of her own, instead cared for her sister’s 5 children – all who were eventually beheaded. Poor Michal!

How many Michals are there today? They love but are unloved. They risk to save their loved ones. They go to great lengths even putting their security in idols – the gods of this world for the sake of those they love. They bail their beloved out, rescue them from tight spots only to be abused or abandoned, neglected and deserted. Are there some who seem to get only what someone else has left? Are there some who feel so forsaken that they have despised God in their heart?

Call to God

Know that despite all of the negative experiences that can render one bitter, God’s love has been poured michal1out to you. He is merciful and can change your situation. We do not hear Michal crying out to God in repentance or for mercy but you have the opportunity to do so today. Call unto Him and He will answer you. He will be with you in your distress. He will deliver and honor you. There is hope!

Blessings to you!


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