When Life Get’s Rough, Remember_____ (Part 1)

One of my loving sisters sent me the above picture and for some reason it got me thinking about friends. I have to consciously remind myself that even though I deeply miss a departed friend, I must be thankful for the remaining ones – for I could have less.

While pondering on that I realized that despite the excitement that accompanies the new year, not everyone started it with shouts of joy and anticipation for great things to come. Some people have had a very rough start and I would like to extend some kind of encouragement in the following letter:

Dear friend,

It’s a blessing for me write to you. I’m aware that the road you’re traveling is not an easy one. Sometimes it feels as though you’re probably going the wrong way – again. Secretly, you hope that this will quickly be over and you’ll find yourself to your eventual pathway to contentment and success.

Beloved, in your darkest moments, every disappointment is only a necessary step toward your triumph. Every unearthing of what is off beam directs you toward discovering the balance. Whenever you discover what is not right, you gain a mental discernment of what is right. Be encouraged because each of your arduous trial today wears out some tempting type of future mistake, and each adversity will only conceal itself for a limited time. This rough trail has an end!

I want to share with you some few things to remember as you journey through your rough spots. Here they are:

1. Your picture of “what should be”: “What is” is in conflict with “what should be” in your life, causing you discomfort. there is a suffering that is associated with our resistance to how things are. when God wasn’t pleased with the way things were on earth, He sent His only Son to suffer so that “what is” could be changed to “what should be” (See John 3:16). While you may not be able to control everything that occurs to you; you can control your response to these occurrences. In your response lies your power.

2. Your current location is a needed step: Consider that where you are at the moment is precisely where you need to be to discover and appreciate where you want to go tomorrow. So please don’t avoid experiencing some vital principles because you have developed a belief, based on your ideals, that it is not where you should be or desire to be. (See Exodus 13:17-18).

3. Your opportunity to reevaluate things: Most of us are not always good with understanding that not getting what we want can be a blessing. Sometimes we need a nudge (more like a shove) in the spirit and this push causes us to re-examine things. Having another look at things may lead to new open doors or important details/information you would’ve otherwise overlooked. (See Ephesians 1:18)

4. Your hope for change: Whether or not we think about change, life guarantees that it will happen – we can’t avoid it. Although God Himself never changes, He does change us. His plan for your life is to give you hope, a future, and prosperity. Trusting God and allowing Him to change and grow us into becoming more Christ-like (in our responses and actions), then we are assured that all things will change. Regardless of how bad your situation is right now, it will change! (See Romans 8:28)

5. Your specifics for your forward-movement intentions: Since you have an image of “what should be”, work on easing your frustration by replacing the image with something real. Take specific steps. (See James 2:17)

6. Your freedom, your responsibility: The only situations we can effect positive change towards are the ones we take responsibility for. Whenever we blame others for what we’re experiencing, we deny responsibility, consequently denying freedom. (See Romans 14:12)

7. Your anger, your venom: One of my beloved Pastors (Dayo Olutayo) taught me an interesting principle that I adopted (after a long struggle) – “Before they offended me, I forgave them”. Yes, even if they never actually come to ask for your forgiveness. You’re not doing it for them, but for you. If you don’t, anger will defile you – and others around you. (See Hebrews 12:15)

I have to go now but think on those few points, my friend.

Until next time,

*Dee Kyalo is the author of Crushing Invisible Barriers . Check out the book’s cool reviews and ‘like’ us on Facebook!


2 responses to “When Life Get’s Rough, Remember_____ (Part 1)

  1. This is truly inspiring and uplifting. I thank God for you Dee Kyalo-Mwanzia. More grace to do what you do. Remain blessed


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