Toxic Doubles

Can you tell them apart?

Can you tell them apart?

It’s always interesting to see celebrity look-alikes. Sometimes their faces are look-alikes, other times their voices and even names are sound-alikes. While in some instances the similarities could be flattering for either party, or both, in other instances…not so much. But what can one do? Nature settled it that way.

Doubles or look-alikes are copies – basically counterfeit. To produce a counterfeit $100 bill, you must have your details as close to the real deal as possible. Only the careful observer should be able to spot the sham. On the other hand, even though molded meticulously, with all the fine points taken into consideration, a look-alike cannot be the original.

When the children of Israel set off in Exodus 12:37-42, a mixed multitude went with them. It is highly possible that this crowd consisted of Egyptians and/or other people – not just the Israelites. Conceivably, some left Egypt seeing as it had been wasted by plagues and also possibly some left because they were curious about the Israelites and wanted to be associated with them one way or another. All the same, among the Israelites, there were always those who were not really Israelites.

Virginia Creeper

Virginia Creeper

Imagine that you have a field in which you have planted the Virginia Creeper, Blackberry bushes or Fragrant sumac (not to be confused with poison sumac), unless you have a sharp eye for detail, you’ll never notice when the Poison Ivy shows up among your plants. The Poison Ivy bears an awful striking resemblance to all the above mentioned vegetation. Only after experiencing the rash will you tell that there is a toxic double in your territory.

Mixed Multitude Behavior

Just like there was a mixed multitude among the Israelites, today, the church has a mixed multitude. Why do non-believers feel justified in saying that the church has hypocrites? They see a mixed multitude



behavior. Believers, we are known by what we exhibit (Matthew 7:16). Lack of consistency in our Christianity and total dependence on God, cheapens us to mixed multitude behavior.

Poison Ivy may grow together with the Virginia Creeper, but sooner or later the toxic effects will begin to show. Although believers may associate with non-believers to some extent, but if the believers aren’t careful, some of the unbelieving traits will rub off on them. How is that even possible? Light and

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

darkness cannot mix (2 Corinthians 6:14) – if they do, then one has been absorbed by the other; usually darkness overcomes the light. In this world, it is easier to pull one down than it is to pull one up. A believer standing up on a platform can be easily pulled down from the level where they are at. Why so? Believers can be tempted, but non-believers are not tempted.

The rabble with them began to crave other food, and again the Israelites started wailing and said, “If only we had meat to eat! – Numbers 11:4 NIV

Why couldn’t the Israelites tell the rabble to stop their lusting? Instead, they (God’s people) started to dance to the same tune! They were tempted, and succumbed. This craving became contagious and infected God’s people! The mixed multitude had seemingly become ‘one of them’, talked like them, dressed like them… but in reality they were toxic look-alikes! It is only after God sent the meat that they had been lusting after, in the form of a plague of quails – and many died, that the Israelites realized, “Oh my! Darkness has lured us!”

As a Christian, you have a responsibility to learn how to identify toxic Christian doubles. It is not always obvious to the ‘naked eye’, as some people may appear harmless, blending in with the rest of the Christians, but only after one has backslid and the damage has been done, like in Numbers 11, that you discover just how toxic they were.

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