Don’t settle For Little! (Part2)

I promised to continue with my previous post and so picking up from where we stopped in Don’t Settle For Little, we see that earlier on Lot made a choice. He and his uncle had migrated together from their country to a new land. Soon they both increased in wealth and there was strife between their herdsmen. Their livestock had become to much for that location and they had to part. Lot decided to traveled east based on what he saw – a well watered land and we’re told that he moved his tent as far a the city of Sodom. (Genesis chapter 13)

A few chapters later, in Genesis 19 we know for sure that Lot is not just “as far as Sodom” but he actually lives in Sodom. When God sends His angels to destroy the city, Lot and his two daughters are saved by a whisker. He makes yet another choice. Instead of fleeing to the hills as instructed, he begs to be allowed to go into Zoar – meaning little.

Isn’t it interesting that Lot fled Sodom, a cesspit of sin, a city of people who had no restraint; their sin very grave against the Lord (Genesis 18:20) to a little place? The name Zoar in Biblical Hebrew comes from the verb צער (sa’ar), meaning to be or become insignificant or small.

Although the Bible has no record of Lot himself engaging in the sins of Sodom, this environment had done something to his thinking. It seems like he never really wanted to actually leave Sodom; he wanted to flee to a city “near enough” (Genesis 19:20).

Isn’t it sad that when God want to lift us above, many of us want to stay “near enough” to what we’re used to?

Several years ago a preacher was praying for people to be healed and a certain lady who was on a wheelchair received her healing too and no longer needed the ambulatory device. So the preacher asked her to leave her wheelchair behind since it wasn’t useful to her any more. The woman exclaimed, “But I will lose my insurance!”

She wanted to flee to a situation “near enough” so that she could still enjoy the benefits!

When God delivers you and you chose to stay near enough to the stuff you have been rescued from, the results are usually catastrophic. Imagine Lot’s kids for a moment. What experiences did they have as they interacted with their peers and other people growing up in Sodom?

Now his two surviving daughters are grown women and have neither husbands nor children. They’re living with their aging father (just the three of them) in the hills, in a cave! If things continue like this their family will become extinct.

Finally the Sodom mentality catches up with them and by this time it has been reduced or made little enough to fit their situation (the effect of Zoar). The two daughters come up with a little plan, which looks something like this: It is about me and what I want. It’s my body, my choice. I want a child and who said I need a husband for that? Any man will do and right now there’s one here. The sisters make their unsuspecting father drunk on two occasions and rape him. Their incestuous plan gets them pregnant and they give birth to sons. How sad!

Parents have a direct responsibility to provide a safe, secure, stable environment for their children to grow in. A home where the children feel loved and are taught by parents. Lot failed on that. Now he wasn’t sure what to call the children borne to his daughters. Were they his sons or grandsons? This was a depressing mixed up situation.

The ideal home where the parents; a man and woman marry each other, love each other, remain faithful, committed and stay married to each other for life may not be your experience but the good news is this: You can choose to live a righteous life regardless of your mixed up past. Don’t settle for little! Escape to the hills! There is hope for you. Jesus awaits to graft you into the tree of life so that you may share in the nourishing of the root of that tree, although you were once a ‘wild’ shoot. Jesus awaits with forgiveness from sin, grace for healing all the hurt and pain; and empowerment for you to start afresh.

You may have chosen ‘little’ in the past and you have had to pay dearly for it or ‘little’ may have been handed down to you; circumstances that you didn’t ask for – like the lady in the wheelchair and it looks like you’re in it for keeps. It appears like there’s no way out unless you settle. Make a decision today, don’t settle for little! Receive the grace to believe and trust God. Come to Jesus and He will not drive you away. (John 6:37). Make a choice to walk in God’s will and He will bless your life, your past notwithstanding.


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