Keep Fighting

Cover_Looking Up

One way to keep fighting is to keep believing the Truth no matter what the facts say.
Facts may speak of your pain but the Truth reminds you of healing by His stripes.
Facts may tell you that you’re not loved but the Truth states that He first loved you.
The fact is what you have done may be unforgivable but the Truth is that in Christ, you are forgiven and there’s no more condemnation. The fact is that you’ve been deserted, your loved one has walked out on you and you think you’re all alone but Truth says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Facts may tell you that it’s no use to keep fighting but Truth declares that it will be worth it.

Glorious will that moment be when at the end of the fight the whistle blows and you’re declared winner! Hold tightly to the Truth! Keep fighting!

Excerpt from my latest book Looking Up. For your tax deductible amount click here to get your copy now!


One response to “Keep Fighting

  1. Amen. The truth is Truth.

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