Broken Dreams and Unfulfilled Resolutions

broken unfulfilled dream
Many people are excited about the coming New Year. The countdown began as early as November, yet scores of people are unmoved… wondering, what to do with their broken dreams and unfulfilled resolutions.

Should those dreams be tossed to the curb and done with? Did the resolutions at the beginning of the year have any meaning at all?

I’ll be honest with you… sometimes I write down goals and when I look at them in the middle of the year, I wonder who wrote them. Most things don’t make sense to me six months later. Yet some become clearer as the year goes by and I am required to make changes if that particular goal is to be met.

People are likely to easily give up when they experience broken dreams so that instead of the New Year being something to celebrate and look forward to, it becomes a time of unhappiness to some. It reminds them of their inadequacies.

A simple lesson I’m beginning to learn as I come of age is that I cannot plan everything, but that doesn’t render resolution making impotent. I try to be flexible, open minded and improvise as life unfolds. Planning is good and necessary – just be realistic.

“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? – Luke 14:28 NIV

Sometimes we draw up plans that we’re unable to finish and so become disappointed in the process. Could it be that we failed to plan or we were not reasonable while planning? Either one or the other brings about broken dreams.

For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.’ – Luke 14:29-30 NIV

When we experience broken dreams, time and again people talk about us and associate us with our failures. This not only embarrasses but also discourages us. If you have been ridiculed for one failure or another you know how it feels. But is this enough reason to give up entirely?

Broken dreams and unfulfilled resolutions are things the enemy can use to make you feel guilty and hinder your movement forward. The devil is not for your progress and he will use any means available to make you procrastinate so that you remain in an unfulfilled state.

What to do with your broken dreams and unfulfilled resolutions

•You can decide to be embittered by your broken dreams and unfulfilled resolutions or be ennobled by them. Shaking your fist at God or everyone else around you won’t help; instead turn and look up to God in prayer. Understand that it is only through Him that you can do anything of value (Philippians 4:13). Know that He is not against you but for you (Romans 8:31) and He will lead you to profit (Isaiah 48:17).

•You can decide to go back to the drawing table. Pick up every piece of the broken dream and unfulfilled resolution and lay them on the table before God. Ask Him to reconstruct, reorganize, recover and restore. He specializes in restoring ruins and making everything stand in its proper place! (Jeremiah 30:18).

•You can decide to take a little pressure off yourself and look at what’s already working in your life. Surely, God has enabled you accomplish some things this far. Have some assurance that He can never leave you (Deuteronomy 31:6). Through faith, God will turn your weakness into strength (Hebrews 11:34) and you will achieve more.

•You can rev up your faith for greater things and dream again. Don’t let your broken dreams and unfulfilled resolutions interfere with your faith. What you can believe for has nothing to do with what never worked before; it is all about what your God can do. Is there anything too difficult for Him? (Jeremiah 32:17)

Above all, no matter what, rejoice and be joyful in the Lord always. Don’t let your broken dreams and unfulfilled resolutions steal your joy. Your relationship with God is more than a dream or a resolution; it is a covenant reality that cannot be broken.

Copyright © 2014 Dee Kyalo-Mwanzia

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3 responses to “Broken Dreams and Unfulfilled Resolutions

  1. This is truly one of those much needed, on-time articles. I’m struggling with a lot of decisions in my life right now and some anxieties for what’s next and this article has helped in the process of trusting God with it all and looking at what I will need to do.


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