The Greatest Performer

oscar award
My mind has taken a trip again. No, I’m not “trippin” as you know trippin but just thinking outside my normal thoughts. So I’m thinking about Emmys, Tonys, Oscars, Golden Globes and Academys. These have nothing to do with me really. The awards are coveted or envied. Some winners describe receiving one as “the most wonderful experience.” Sydney Poitier in 1964 said, “It has been a long journey to this moment” which could mean that he worked extremely hard for that one moment; and in 1997, Jessica Yu said, “What a thrill. You know you’ve entered new territory when you realize that your outfit cost more than your film.” This probably denotes that her ‘value’ just went up!

So anyway, after rolling away the red carpet and all the the convincing acceptance speeches have subsided, I wonder, what do these awards really mean? Is it a reflection of pure exceptional ability of the performers or an enthusiastic praise to movie marketers’ skill to indulge the audience’s weaknesses? Obviously they mean something to those involved but I just wish these awards had eternal rewards.
emmy award
Recognizing genuine talent is important and we should without idolizing the gift or the possessor. I’m thinking… if there is one actor we should look up to is God. Surely there is no Actor like God! No Performer like Him! How dramatic is God’s deliverance and provision! His deeds are not make-believe to convince an audience and improve ratings. It is His nature not only to perform but carry out these performances with astounding perfection. Therefore this makes me ask:

  • Who has ever won an Oscar for parting a sea and making the waters stand like walls on either side? Exodus 15:8 NLT
  • Who has ever won an award for giving a 90 year old barren woman vitality to not only conceive but carry the pregnancy to term and deliver a healthy child without the influence of any fertility clinic? Genesis 21:2 NIV, Hebrews 11:11 NIV
  • Who has ever won an award for enabling a virgin conceive without the natural baby making process? Matthew 1:23 NIV, Luke 1:31 NIV
  • Who has ever won an Emmy for turning water into wine at a wedding? John 2:1-11 NIV
  • Who has ever won an award for healing the sick and turning funeral processions into life celebrations? Mark 5:21-43 NIV, John 11:38-53 NIV
  • Who has ever won an award for dying, being buried and coming back to life? John 19 NIV, Luke 24 NIV

  • I could go on and on but you get the point. Therefore instead of idly sitting in the audience watching for the Great Performer’s second coming we should be busy with the work He assigned us – teaching and making disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19 ESV

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