6 Sure Characteristics of a True Christian Man

true christian man2
What you see is what you get. In the natural sense I have struggled with this phrase although spiritually I get it. Doesn’t it have something to do with faith? Yes! By faith we call forth things that are not as if they are. We understand that God’s grace is sufficient for us and His power is perfected in our weakness. That is why the great Apostle Paul declared that for when I am weak, then I am strong.

As Christians we should see things as God sees them. If we did, would the world have less chaos than it does? Would relationships be less complicated than they are today? Perhaps we have become a people of ease and convenience that we choose what seems easier for us and end up missing out on what we should actually see and eventually become.

true christian man1
One of the pillars of the Church (the Body of Christ) is Truth and Truth is neither easy nor convenient. Truth is spelled out in God’s Word – through which we should see all things. When you meet some Christians who act like Christians to a certain degree, but turn out to be imposters by choosing ease and convenience then eventually leaving the faith rather than striving to please God, do not be alarmed, this is not strange. Just because a guy is in the church building doing church stuff doesn’t mean that he’s a true Christian. 1 John 2:19 ESV calls to our attention some people who claimed to be Christians but eventually left the fellowship. In Matthew 13:38 KJV these false Christians are called ‘tares’. When it is no longer convenient for them, at that point, they will simply abandon Christianity.

Determining who is true and who is not when considering people who claim to be Believers is difficult and one of the most common questions single Christian ladies ask is this: How can I know for sure that he is a TRUE Christian? For that reason, I bring you 6 Sure Characteristics of a True Christian Man (apart from the obvious ones like: He confesses Christ as his Lord and Savior)

  1. He has grasped the proper foundation of faith and trust with his own eyes John 6:40 NLT. He has seen the preciousness of Christ’s blood and this sight of the beauty of divine things causes him to truly desire after the things of God.
  2. He has a genuine personal concern and is involved with other believers. He intentionally inquires about their well-being and has clear recognition of the needs in the House of God among the saints. When he learns of these needs, it moves his heart. (See Nehemiah 1:1-4 NLT). He understands that he can never lighten a load on someone else’s shoulder unless he really feels the pain. He takes care of business in the House of God. He is a man that supports ministry not just a tither but does so because he has clearly understood that God will never send legal tender from heaven.
  3. He takes his concerns to God in prayer (see Nehemiah 1: 5-11NLT). A man who is able to stand against his problems is one who knows to kneel before God.
    (As a side note, see verse 11 “In those days I was the king’s cup-bearer.” Stating the obvious here: He has a job and makes an honest living.)
  4. He has the ability to prepare and position himself for God’s favor. Joseph when going to interpret the King’s dream had to wash up, shave and put on clean clothes – Genesis 41:14 NLT. Thus prepared, Joseph was ushered to the palace – a place of favor. A man who will prepare is one that will get rid of the ordinary for God’s favor to rest on him.
  5. He is able to plan. He looks at what resources are available to him and moves in the desired direction. He understands that a good man has good plans and such is he that obtains favor from the Lord. (See Proverbs 12:2 ESV). He is aware that God’s favor works with his planning – Nehemiah 2: 4- 7 NLT.
  6. He has genuine spiritual experiences that come from God’s grace. He is aware that false spiritual experiences cause showiness and self-exaltation; and have a tendency to cause pride, which is the devil’s special sin. For example, a person can be zealous for the things of God, and be proud of the greatness of his zeal. This is false spiritual experience. Dear sister, while you cannot put an amount on his spiritual experience or knowledge, know this: A man who has a genuine work of the Holy Spirit in his heart has experience and knowledge of a different kind – it is supernatural and does not grow on self.
    true christian man

    I hope this helps. Please feel free to add your own sure characteristics based on the revelations that the Lord gives you in line with His Word.

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  1. That was well said. Nicely done.


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