Church Leadership: Dealing With Difficult People

Years ago when I managed the Quality Assurance Department of a Horticultural company, I learned a few things about dealing with difficult people at the workplace but nothing quite prepared me on how to deal with them in the church. If you’re in ministry leadership, no doubt you’ve probably had to face this challenge. Every spiritual leader, from Moses to Paul, has faced complexities to their God-called leadership. I think that intricate church folk are undoubtedly the hardest challenge. How do you handle them?

Lately I have been going through an issue and I’m having to develop The Fruit of the Spirit all over again. Because when I examine myself I notice that some of the fruit are not all that well-developed. That shouldn’t surprise you since none of us is perfect. We all have areas of improvement and when you spot one area where you’re falling short, stop and ask the Lord to develop it in you. It is important because those that you lead and unbelievers around you need to see those graces operational in your life. They are not only an evidence of your conversion but also a testimony of God’s indwelling.

If you haven’t already, you will definitely encounter difficult brethren as you minister and you are expected to deal with them. With the hope of encouraging church/ministry leaders I’d like to share 10 lessons I have learned. Remember this:

♡Prayer comes first – always. Matthew 5:44, Luke 6:8
♡You’re not called to please everyone but to live at peace with them. Romans 12:18
♡Refuse to play their game. Matthew 22:18
♡Refuse to retaliate. Matthew 5:38-39, 1Peter 2:23
♡Minister/preach with kindness. Proverbs 25:21-22, Romans 12:20
♡Work with the willing. Matthew 22:14
♡Those are God’s people too. 1 Corinthians 12:27, 2 Timothy 2:25-26
♡Church leadership might be tough but you’re not alone. Numbers 11:10-17
♡Learn from those experiences – you’ll grow into and become a stronger leader. Proverbs 1:5, Proverbs 24:32
♡Above all, trust in God – He is the cure-giver; you’re only a care-giver and that, to me, is a privilege! Isaiah 26:3-4, Psalm 37:5, Psalm 40:4, John 21:17

As a Church Leader, think about what legacy you want to leave behind and remember that God is more concerned about developing your character than He is about fixing your problems. Here’s a word of caution: Moses did not enter the Promised Land because he struck the rock twice, instead of speaking to the rock as God had instructed him to. It won’t happen to you, in Jesus’ Name! You are called, chosen, anointed, equipped, blessed and sent! Isn’t that a privilege? Now, feed His sheep!

Copyright © 2014 Dee Kyalo-Mwanzia. All Rights Reserved.

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