Continuous Life

Like a hamster spinning on a wheel
Not stopping, not finishing
Without vacations, without lucky breaks

Going on and on, spinning round and round
Huffing and panting on the treadmill of life
Pedaling, cycling and circling

Always running and on the move
On a highway with no exit
Destination is unknown, unseen

Traveling on Route Monotony
The long winding way
Never ending, perpetual and unbroken

Nothing breathtaking to see
As sure as death and taxes
The scenery remains the same

Mediocrity, obscurity
As black as coal, no light at the end
Wait! Is there an end?

Wandering in pursuit of something
Like a dog chasing its own tail
Expending lots of energy

Endless profitless hard work
As elusive as rainbow chasing
Trekking incalculable, numberless miles

But because of His endless, limitless love
He saw our need and sent His only Son
To pick us up and restore our fading hope

You have circled this mountain long enough
Let us go over to the other side
And I will give you rest, He said

His love never fails and has no end to it
It still stands, endures when all else has fallen
Because of His love we have endless life with Him!

Inspired by Deuteronomy 2:3, John 3:16, Luke 8:22, Matthew 11:28, 1 John 4:16, 1 Corinthians 13:7-8a

Poem originally posted by me here


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