More Than Conquerors

conquerorThe more I think about the promises of God the more I realize that though the promises of God are real and available to me, I am required to take some steps in order for those blessing to be released to me. When given something by God and He says to contend for it, it means that God has as well released to me all that it takes for me to win that battle. I am fully convinced that God cannot bring me out of Egypt to leave me in the dark.

In this brief writing, I want to encourage someone in battle. God is too faithful to fail. Has He not delivered you before? You know you have been in a bad situation before – and He showed up in your favor! When you journeyed from your slavery (to sin) toward your freedom (salvation), He was with you the whole time. Don’t you know that some of the people you were with in Egypt (bondage of sin) are now six feet under? Do not look back like Lot’s wife otherwise the help of God can be withdrawn. You are more than a conqueror – that’s how God sees you. Therefore do not attempt to be less than what you really are in God’s view. His view is that you will make it despite the resistance and or opposition. Your opposers will many times come packaged in ‘traditions’. They will say, “We have always done it this way – your way won’t work.” Child of God, hold on to God and His promises, forget about traditions of men those will only tie you against the Abrahamic covenant and make you miss out. You will not miss out. Be encouraged, because God is on your side!



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