You Have Been Called!

Will you answer His call?

Will you answer this call?

God can use the same system that has been put up to destroy you; to deliver you, bless you and make you a blessing unto many!

Moses is on my mind. Despite the children of his gender and age being killed in his time, God made a way for him so that instead of him perishing along with the rest, he was taken care of in Pharaoh’s house. The house of the system-maker!
Moses call was not at the burning bush, he had already been called before. That is why he killed that Egyptian to deliver his fellow Hebrew. He may not have known that this call was upon him but something inside of him drove him to act in line with that call. So the timing wasn’t right but he had a desire, a need to function in God’s calling for him.

God's call on your life was placed before you were born.

God’s call on your life was placed before you were born.

You and I too have God’s call placed on us. I want to encourage someone here who may feel like they have nothing to offer this world. You have plenty. Think about this for a moment: A child is born with clenched fists and I’ve heard that this signifies that this child has come loaded with gifts and blessings. But when a person dies, their hands are open; to signify that they’ve given or done their all. Beloved, God saw your unformed body and ordained all the days of your life before any one of them came to be. God is not surprised that you’re here. What may be surprising is if you don’t engage His call on your life. Did you know that God, who set you apart from your mother’s womb has called you by His grace and is pleased to have called you? Before you were born He called you and from my mother’s womb He has spoken your name. You are not just matter, you do matter!

God’s call on your life is real however the world has put systems in place to frustrate it. Some systems will cause you to want to act earlier than required others might slow you down while still other systems might render you powerless to operate in your call. Therefore your sensitivity to timing is crucial. Acting on your call earlier than due time will send you into the wilderness. You must mature first. Can you imagine Jesus operating His call before time? The devil would have had a field day! Remember the enemy still tried to bring Jesus down even while our Lord was in God’s perfect will. Timing is vital! Moses engaged his call before time and this sent him fleeing into Midian and for 40 years. There, not only was he an immigrant but a fugitive! Again, the system was pursuing him.
Child of God, what is it that is pursuing you? Whatever the enemy has intended for evil, God is turning it around in your favor, for the glory of His name! Thank God that you count on His mercy for your past mistakes; you can count on His love for your present needs; but most of all you can count on God’s sovereignty for the future. No system can put you down and under because God’s sovereignty is over and above it!

You can confidently announce to the devil: You intended to harm me, but God disposed it to good. He brought me to this position so that through me many lives can be preserved!

Praise the Lord, somebody!

Inspired by:
Exodus 2 & 3, Psalm 139:16, Galatians 1:15, Isaiah 49:1, Jeremiah 1:5, Genesis 50:20


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