Build Your Faith

faith1A noble man makes noble plans and by noble deeds he stands. We build our faith with conscious purposeful plans and actions such as attentively hearing and hearing by the Word of God,  so that when God tells us something we act on it in stable faith – not wavering.

I’m thinking of Mark 4:35-41… Jesus said, “Let us go to the other side.” There’s an important detail here: He said “Let us…”, this means you and Him – together. There is a place where God wants to take you. A place of good, a place of blessing and a place of abundance. To get there, you have a part to play. First of all, are you willing to walk with Him? It is only those who are willing and obedient that eat the good of the land.

Sometimes we delay in responding to Christ’s invitation to leave the crowd and go with Him to the other side. I’m not talking about the call to salvation – I’m talking about God’s call to your glorious destiny after salvation. Our delayed response makes us toil and sweat for very little or no profit. Our God is a God that leads us in the way of profit therefore when we are not walking with Him how profitable can we be? There is profit on the other side.

Did God tell you, “Let us go to the other side”? Where is your other side?

Wherever your other side in God is, with planning, patience and perseverance, you will get there. God’s Word to you will come to pass. What happens to you in between is irrelevant. The storm in this case was irrelevant because His Word stands over and above it.

The storm was tossing them back and forth but Jesus was asleep. He was at rest because without any doubt, He knew they would get to the other side anyway.

You might be experiencing a storm which is threatening your safe arrival to the other side but if God said it to you then you are getting to the other side. If you cannot sleep through the storm, you need to arise and speak to the storm. It will obey you simply because greater is He who is in you than all the others in the world!

Why is the storm raging in your life? Because the enemy will not let you get to the other side. He wants to grip you with fear, panic, uncertainty, doubt, unbelief etc. He wants you to ask, “Did God really say…?” He wants you to disobey God but you have power and authority to trample upon him and overcome him in the name of Jesus!

Things may not look like what God promised you because of the storms you’ve faced but do not interpret your destiny in life by the storms you encounter. Your interpretation should be based on the Word of God. The storm is not the event, the event is on the other side; your business is to get to the other side. Therefore do not be offended / alarmed by hindrances. You’re going to the other side and you will make it there!

Have faith, Jesus will always arise to your defense in the midst of a storm.

Other inspirational scriptures
Isaiah 32:8, Romans 10:17, Isaiah 1:19, Isaiah 48:17, 1 John 4:4, Genesis 3:3, Luke 10:19


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