From A Bachelor’s Journal

What people really think about their situations really fascinates me. It makes me understand the person on a deeper level. You know, sometimes there’s how people view you based on what they see on the exterior and then there’s who you really are based on your interior – which is usually hidden or protected. One of my single brothers, requesting anonymity let me borrow a page from his personal journal for my blog. So here is the entry he made on April 30, 2013.

guy-writing-notebook_0I came home famished from my 16 hour shift and was welcomed by a quiet house and an empty refrigerator. That is when it hit me right between the eyes. This had never bothered me before but today I was beginning to understand just how quickly a hungry man can turn into an angry one. When David was being pursued by Saul – he was hungry and exhausted; this impaired his thinking so that when Nabal refused to give them some food and supplies, David almost wiped him out with the sword. Nabal and his entire household would have died that day had it not been for Abigail, Nabal’s wise wife who came bearing food and words of peace for David. (1 Samuel 25)

So I’m standing there looking at this fridge going like, “If I was married by now, I believe some grocery shopping would have been done. Since two heads are better than one, we both couldn’t have forgotten to do it.” What kind of life is this?

I closed the fridge and sat down on the kitchen floor – thinking about so many things. I didn’t realize how or when I dozed off but at 4 am, the annoying sound of my neighbor yelling at his wife of 3 years woke me up. Rising up from the cold kitchen floor I prayed, “Oh Lord help me. Doesn’t your word say that whoever finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from you?”

It has been only fifteen months since I gave my life to Christ and I am thankful that I didn’t get married when I was still not saved. My outlook on the whole idea of marriage has dramatically changed. It’s not so much about finding the right person for me,  I am now more focused on building my relationship with Christ, that way; I’m working on being the right person. As I observe marriages around me – some great and some really scary, I come to this conclusion: To enter successfully into the marriage arena, my walk with God and my maturity in Christ should be sound. I am so convinced about this that it tops my list in qualities I’m looking for in the future Mrs. Me. It is not enough for both of us to be Christians. We both must also think and act in a Christian manner. Our attitudes and actions must flow from the Scriptures.

That to me is what I call setting priorities right. My brother, thank you for letting me share your thoughts. God bless you!


3 responses to “From A Bachelor’s Journal

  1. Great post and great thoughts expressed by your brother. Tell him to be encouraged and remind him of Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


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