Who Wins?

I have been privileged to visit some of the villages of Africa. One thing that is very noticeable there is that life is very simple and seeing how the natives carry on is pretty humbling. But that is a blog for another day. Today, I am thinking about this man – his name is Nandwa. He comes from one tiny village of western Kenya. (Kenya is a small nation in East Africa.) Nandwa is a matador of some sort – a bullfighter, if you will. He is a champion in bullfighting. This bullfighting is not the kind that goes on in Texas. The kind of bullfighting I’m talking about almost borders the “Corrida de Toros” kind, where the animals are staged to fight, only that there’s no bull execution. Even so, it is still the kind where animal rights activists would definitely call animal abuse.

Bullfighting in a village of western Kenya

Bullfighting in a village of western Kenya

This man owns several bulls, two of which he trained to fight. Every month he brings the bulls – one marked on the left ear and the other marked on the right ear – to the arena to fight. The villagers then bet on the winner. The bulls do look similar but nevertheless, the villagers still place their bets on one or the other. The owner of the bulls does bet, too – and he always wins.

One month he’d bet on the bull with a mark on the right ear, and the bull with the mark on the right ear would win. Another month he would gamble on the bull with the mark on the left ear, and the bull with the mark on the left ear would win. Recently, some villagers finally caught on, and asked Nandwa his secret. “How do you know which bull is going to win?” they asked. “You’re never wrong.” The bull owner shrugged his shoulders, and said, “It’s easy, really. The one who wins is the one I feed.”

Who’s going to win in the battle between the Spirit and the flesh? That’s easy, too. The stronger one is the one we feed. So we must set our minds on the things of God, seeking to please Him and be obedient to Him in all we do. In that way, we feed the Spirit, and insure victory over sin.

Galatians 5:16.



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