God will always reveal

A few days ago something strange happened to me. I had gone into work and as is my custom, the first thing I did was to check my mailbox. Normally, it’s a bunch of internal memos or pay-stubs that haven’t been collected for a while. So I pull out an envelope… lo and behold my pay-stub had been ripped open. I mean, the envelope was literally torn open. I looked at the name again to make sure that it was mine. Sure enough it was addressed to me.

The first words that came out of my mouth, after picking my jaw from the floor of course, were, “Oh God, why didn’t you show me?” Now, the reason why it had come as a shock when I thought that God hadn’t shown it to me was this: When you have walked with God for some years, you learn to hear His voice and notice His promptings, one way or another – before things actually happen.  So here I was, wondering what had gone wrong and I just couldn’t believe it. Later, when I told my husband about what had occurred, he said, “God will always speak. The question is: Did you hear when He did?”

This made me retrace my steps several weeks prior and for sure I had had a dream about someone I know – not a stranger, stealing my wallet and later returning it. The dream did not make sense the following morning but after this peculiar event – “the case of the ripped pay-stub”, the puzzle pieces began falling into place. One major thing I gathered from this occurrence in relation to the dream is that sometimes, people known to you can do the dumbest things to you. Nevertheless, what excites me is that we serve a God who is so faithful – a good God who alerts us about stuff; reveals things to us over and over. Are we taking notice?

For God speaks time and again, but a person may not notice it. – Job 33:14


9 responses to “God will always reveal

  1. Blessings,
    This is a wonderful post. God is truly amazing and He is always speaking to us, some times we hear, some times we don’t, and some times we choose not to depending how rooted we are in our faith. When given the opportunity take a stroll through my blog God willing. Many blessings to you and yours. Keep up the good work.


  2. Where would we be if God didn’t speak to us? The amazing thing is that He actually does take the time to speak to us. If only I would more frequently take the time to hear. I’m encouraged by your post which causes me to long to be more of an attentive listener. Thanks for sharing!


  3. The Lord does speak to his beloved. We just must learn to listen to His voice. Thanks for sharing.


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