The Appointed Time Has Come



It’s your time to be blessed. You have been holding on to the promises of God without wavering. You have seen the wicked seemingly prosper but your faith has remained unshaken. You have been ridiculed but your focus has remained intact. You know and you know what the Lord God your God spoke to you. I perceive in my spirit, the set time is now.

You have prayed: Let the barren conceive! Let he who desires a mate find! Let tumultuous marriages be restored! Let the rebellious wife be submissive and the unloving husband receive his senses! Let the ungodly parent change his ways! Let the rebellious child return home! Let the prayerless Christian drop to their knees, lift their hands up and cry unto the Lord! Let holiness, purity, health, wellness and prosperity return to the body of Christ. In the name of Jesus, for the glory of God!

Your God shall arise, and have mercy upon you: for the time to favor you… yeah, the appointed time has come. (Psalm 102:13)


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