It Is Not Good That The Man Should Be Alone!

“And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make a helper for him.” Genesis 2:18

This is a scripture that most people know so well but who is this man? You’ll be interested to know that the verse doesn’t speak for all men. Let me explain;

*Check out verse 15 – This man has a job (he works, he makes an honest living)

*Verse 16 & 17 – This is a man who God talks with, giving him instructions (he has a personal relationship with God)
*See verse 19 – This man can be trusted (God brings a project to him to see if he can complete it)
*Verse 20 – This man was smart/intelligent (not only is he able to figure out a project that he has never handled before but he also goes further in detailing… naming each ‘component’)
This is the man who God is looking at and saying it is not good that he should be alone.

God knows that this kind of man will clearly identify his help-mate when God brings her along. See verses 22-23. He will not be so unsure and unstable as to engage (read, go out with/date) and propose to marry several sisters only to break their hearts.
This man is mature enough to leave his boyhood and cleave to his wife. See verse 24. He understands that when he starts a family he will not be controlled by his mama (and/or papa) hence causing unnecessary stress to his wife. He is the head of this new family. He understands his anointing and gifting for this position.

This is the man who it is not good for him to be alone. May the Lord answer his prayer.


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